This Just In: 2020 World Communications Day Message

world-communications-day-logo-for-desales-homepage-391x250Hello dear readers and fans of the Kyle Heimann Show on Redeemer Radio in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, I was privileged to help “break the news” with Kyle this morning about the Vatican’s Jan. 24 release of the 2020 message for World Communications Day, or the World Day of Social Communications.

You can see the announcement of the message, furnished through the Zenit news service. The brief but prayer-provoking text can be found at this link. Thank you, Pope Francis, for more great words about the peace-making power of words–from Scripture, from our relationships, and from our hearts and minds.

I will be posting more about the 2020 World Communications Day message here, drawn largely from a second on-air conversation I had with Kyle Heimann on Jan 28. Keep checking the Kyle Heimann Showpodcast links to see when my interview has been posted.

Meanwhile, these two items came to my attention: 

  • Religion News Service has an article, “Four Catholic Solutions to Toxic Politics,” written by Rev. Thomas Reese, SJ, long-time Vatican observer. It’s worth looking at, especially its recommendation that we raise awareness of Catholic Social Teaching, which is potentially a strong bridge between “left and right” to help heal our polarized culture.
  • The latest Jordan Peterson video I located  (definitely not the most recent) included observations relevant to the renewal needed in our news media. As he points out in this You Tube talk about belief in God, he is quite familiar with the world of television interviews and journalistic discourse. He expressed dismay that he is asked the most complicated questions about human existence and given one minute to respond. This is part of what he said:

“There’s something downright sinful about answering a really complicated question in a minute because it sort of suggests complex questions have answers that take one minute. And they don’t. They have answers that take, God–sometimes they take decades, and sometimes they take thousands of years…. The format itself works against the kind of thought that’s necessary to actually have the discussions that are necessary.”

(The World Communications Day logo used above is the 2019 logo used by DeSales Media Group, the Catholic communications arm of the Brooklyn Diocese. I am seeking official permission to use their graphics for this purpose. They are an excellent multimedia resource for Catholic news.)

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