A Word about OnWord

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from Bill Schmitt …

OnWord began as a blog inspired by a valued colleague on the communications team at the University of Notre Dame, which I joined in 2003. The original name, simply “Word,” was a celebration of the rich, multiple meanings this “word” can have, as I explained in a 2013 blog entry. The University allowed faculty and staff members like me to express our own thoughts on a variety of topics.

I have loved being able to generate ideas–and references to related knowledge–for readers who join me in embracing words as vessels of truth, wisdom, hope, joy and caring connections to people and God. This 24/7 commitment has always spilled over the parameters of particular staff assignments. Gifts of creativity and collaboration have prompted me to produce additional pieces of journalism and commentary, multimedia content promoting the goals of organizations I’m privileged to serve and even a book published by the University of Notre Dame Press, titled Words of Life.

Amid changing times and expanding interests which may launch me into different staff affiliations and new pursuits of understanding, I pray my “life of words” will keep flowing efficaciously. Updated skills, insights, strategies and relationships, built upon dynamic collaborations, will address tomorrow’s opportunities. With a play on words providing a wittier title, this blog previously known as “Word” will better represent the integration of my strengths and my contributions to expressions of hope, faith, reason, and charity in truth. It will reflect bolder steps we’ll take together to move “OnWord.” This title will cover my entire online mothership (OnWord.net), as well as the blog still at its heart.

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