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The Abstract Arts, Framing Reality

Published 10/28/22 at, reprinted here with some modifications. Previously on Substack … We talked about the “Brights” as a movement of liberal atheists who introduced themselves in a New York Times commentary in 2003 and continued promoting their doctrines of illumination. Those ideas … Continue reading

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Right Side of History? Wrong Side of Mystery?

Published in Substack on 10/15/22 at Religion is making a lot of news. Some pundits say its conventional forms are a remedy for the chaos in society today. Some say religiosity has morphed into a secular theology particularly common … Continue reading

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The Foresight Saga

Published on 9/1/22 at The prescient 1977 book Mediaworld, written by John M. Phelan, who taught my Broadcasting 101 course at Fordham, defined propaganda as “the control of behavior through the control of belief.” Phelan wrote, “The evil of propaganda is … Continue reading

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