Education Innovation stories

A note from Bill Schmitt:

As a writing and editing specialist on the Institute for Educational Initiatives communications team at Notre Dame (2010-2016), one of the tasks I was privileged to undertake regularly was the coverage of an important but insufficiently-noted “beat.” That news beat, which I covered for a time by identifying, reporting, writing, and posting stories of noteworthy innovations that were enhancing student learning and community sustainability at Catholic K-12 schools–often those facing financial and other challenges in underserved neighborhoods but determined to maintain and advance their mission.

It was my honor to talk with leaders in Catholic schools and dioceses around the country and then to tell their stories online in compelling ways that could capture the attention of education journalists (in the secular or faith-based media) and other influential members of the country’s education reform community and supporters of the turnaround for Catholic schools. Please check out these links below, which will take you to stories I wrote for the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) news and blog pages:

·       Independence Mission Schools in Philly:

Students with learning differences gain from innovative program of accountability and inclusivity in Washington, DC, school:

·       Diocese of Grand Rapids innovates to optimize rural outreach:

·       Catholic school enrollment “app”:

·       Dual-language immersion:

·       Memphis Jubilee Schools take new steps forward:

·       Milwaukee Teacher Teams spark more synergies as teachers learn from each other:

·       Pre-K expansion and Latino attendance go hand-in-hand:

·       Full-service schools in Boston:

·       Wichita parishes help each other by sharing their collections for greater good:

·       Parishes merge in Silver Spring after a sharp break with, and a rebuilding of, tradition:

Father Tim Klosterman at LA’s seminary is teaching a course to consider new paths of pastoral support for parish schools. (In collaboration, I rewrote this story to be in Father Tim’s voice):


I also covered faculty members in ND’s Institute for Educational Initiatives–scholars from various disciplines whose research probes how to improve K-12 education (public and faith-based) in the US. Those stories about the faculty and their efforts are collected here.