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A special welcome to you if you’re visiting my blog because you heard me interviewed this morning on the “Son Rise Morning Show” on the EWTN Radio Network.  I’m a consultant who serves a number of clients through multimedia journalism, writing, editing and marketing-communications. My particular passion as a Catholic with a background in higher education, as well as in public affairs and people connected to science and religion, is the values-informed renewal of society’s use of communications media during this era of polarization.

You can learn about my reflections and presentations regarding these subjects by reading this “OnWord” blog and visiting other sections of this website. Many of my viewpoints are summed up on my thought-leadership page. This also includes a list of national and local interviews in which I’ve been privileged to promote greater awareness of today’s media challenges.

Pope Francis has been my primary source of inspiration on these matters. In 2018, I self-published a book of reflections which received the Seal of Approval of the Catholic Writers Guild. All my commentaries aim to reflect the Pope’s frequently stated belief that Catholic insights can advance a united effort–among people of faith and secular leaders alike–to make our exchanges of news and information more fruitful for the common good.

My website offers other pages with biographical information, including a resume and additional links to my work in journalism, book authorship and media outreach. You’ll also learn about my latest accomplishments and ongoing activities on Linked-In and other social media. Please consider following–and joining–my endeavors on behalf of our culture’s pursuit of truth and human dignity via meaningful encounters and inclusive conversations!

About Bill Schmitt

OnWord.net is the home for Bill Schmitt's blog and biographical information. This blog, initiated during Bill's nearly 14 years as a communications professional at Notre Dame, expresses Bill's opinions alone. Go to "About Bill Schmitt" and "I Link, Therefore I Am" to see samples of multimedia content I'm producing now and have produced during my journalism career and my marketing communications career. Like me at facebook.com/wgschmitt, follow me on Twitter @wschmitt, and meet "bill schmitt" on LinkedIn.
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