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A Day to Learn the Threat of Can’techesis

Many people are observing May 3 as National Teacher Appreciation Day. Lord, I want to be in that number! Even though this is a commemoration on the secular calendar, not a faith-based celebration, we all would agree that countless educators, … Continue reading

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Lenten Consecration that Speaks to Mary–and Us

This post was published in the blog of Fr. Robert Spitzer’s Magis Center on April 8. Bill discussed the post with co-host Matt Swaim on the Son Rise Morning Show on EWTN radio on April 5; hear the interview by … Continue reading

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The 2020s: For Your Penance, Stay Reflective

One of Lent’s greatest gifts is a soul that’s been cleansed in a good confession. Another great gift, but a heavier lift, is the examination of conscience which prepares that soul for Reconciliation. For at least two years, many of … Continue reading

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Between the Lines, Young Writers Reveal Hope

Posted in the Magis Center’s blog on Sept. 8. See all the resources of the Magis Center. As most of you are aware, Magis is fully engaged in communicating Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. One of our guest writers, Bill Schmitt (who also happens … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson Returns, and We See Ourselves

Reprinted from the blog of the Magis Center, as published June 12, 2021.  Perhaps you have a friend who became your lockdown-era source of “online intelligence” regarding the best new movies on Netflix or the best videos produced by aspiring … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday’s Message: Please Dim Your Virtue Signals

As Lent began this week, I think I heard one of the Bible’s strongest critiques of virtue-signaling.  The Gospel reading during the Mass on Ash Wednesday, from Matthew 6:1-6, said this: Jesus said to his disciples: “Take care not to … Continue reading

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Pope’s New Statement on Communication: What an Experience!

Speaking as a long-time journalist who looks to Pope Francis for insights that can help renew the business of information and the art of conversation in our polarized society, I’m happy to say the Holy Father has once again hit … Continue reading

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“Questions” We Can Learn from Alex Trebek

This commentary supplements a Dec. 22, 2020, podcast called “The Sandwich Generation,” in which host Chris Godfrey interviewed me about the power of group gamesmanship to edify whole families and renew community values. You can listen to the half-hour interview … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Sees a World of Emergencies, Wants a World of Human Encounters

Bill discussed subjects related to this post on Catholic radio with program host Matt Swaim on October 6. Click on the archive here and advance to the 1 hour-17 min. mark. The encyclical sent forth to all the world by … Continue reading

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Author Says of Election Day: There’s Got to Be a Morning After No better outcome could wrap up a nationwide road trip than an agreement that, as POTUS traditionally reports during the annual State of the Union Address, “the state of our union is strong.” One learns during a C-SPAN Book … Continue reading

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