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Collaring the Chatbot: Let US Pray!

Can a chatbot pray? I had a chance to converse with Bard, Google’s newest artificial-intelligence product for the masses. It asked me what I wanted, so I typed in a request: “Write a prayer asking God to give AI wisdom.” … Continue reading

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Shopping for Intelligence — No Artificial Ingredients

This is a follow-up to the “Googolplex” commentary, discussed on The Son Rise Morning Show on April 21. Please read that piece, found below, first. Look for this addendum in Phronesis in Pieces, at, in the coming days. Here … Continue reading

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A Googolplex of Reactions as AI Pauses to Chat

This was first published in Phronesis in Pieces at on April 11, 2023. There’s a sweet scent of progress lofting in one corner of the polarized public square. Although many policy arenas have become musty with stale conversations based … Continue reading

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