About Bill Schmitt

mary and me april 18

Bill Schmitt is an independent journalist and multimedia consultant with experience in academia, public affairs, business, science, and faith-based education and evangelization. He served on the University of Notre Dame communications staff for 13 years after a career in the secular press. His ventures now include writing in various formats, podcasting and radio, news reporting and commentary, outreach on behalf of service initiatives, and growth in Catholic spirituality, as well as musical instruction and performance. Bill, a lifetime-professed member of the Secular Franciscan Order who is active in the Knights of Columbus, has authored two books published by University of Notre Dame Press. His blog post incorporating the Pope’s insights on journalism was published in May by Notre Dame Magazine, and earlier commentaries on journalism were published by Editor & Publisher and Quill magazines. See links to his stories in numerous publications, and check out his blog and biography at OnWord.net

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Bill Schmitt is an experienced communications professional in higher education who combines an extensive journalism background and insights in public affairs, Catholic faith and mission, business, science, schools and media.
Contact me for collaborations and conversations. Find me at Linked In as Bill Schmitt, the multimedia communications consultant. Find my contact info, including websites there. Reach me at home office phone 574-232-6777, email billgerards@gmail.com, @wschmitt.
I build trust and comfort levels that bring out the best in people and teams amid challenges and rapid change. My instinct to listen and understand circumstances combines with my imagination and hopefulness to generate ideas and seize opportunities that advance organizational goals. My distinctive history of values-informed experience means you expect me to be resilient, compassionate, and trustworthy.
As a communications/media specialist, collaborating with the Institute for Educational Initiatives and the Alliance for Catholic Education in a range of strategic initiatives, I orchestrated day-to-day activities that helped give voice to the people and stories of these and other brands. My energetic writing for, use of, and story-pitching to an array of new and traditional media have built engagement with diverse audiences.
A natural talent for cultivating relationships with educators, media leaders, and policy experts–plus the genuine encounters I seek with people from all walks of life–reflect my zeal to affirm the best of my employers’ accomplishments. My employers have valued me as a servant-leader who integrates my career, vocations, avocations, and faith and reason with a contributory  sense of purpose.

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