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My friend Paul Giesting, a Ph.D. geologist and philosopher-at-heart, as well as my co-host on the “That’s So Second Millennium” (TSSM) podcast exploring science and religion, reminded me to renew my membership in the Catholic Writers Guild.

Actually, he asked me to promote the CWG’s upcoming Online Conference, coming soon to a screen near you–on Sept. 20-22. I realized I had not registered for it yet, and then I realized I had let my membership expire. It’s all taken care of now, or at least it will be if you likewise register for this excellent organization’s informative, thought-provoking conference. (It’s a reasonably priced resource for non-members as well as members.)

Paul himself is helping to organize the online gathering and will be presenting a talk/workshop/webinar on what writers need to know about geology. I think he should brand the session more creatively as “When Writers Have Rocks in their Head.”

Because I have a quarry in mine, I’ve neglected to invite readers of this blog to check out the two podcasts I’m privileged to co-host. I also write the website show notes for both, a service that multiplies the great learning experiences I have as an interviewer and commentator.

Please visit the TSSM series of more than 70 episodes at thatssosecondmillennium.com . Paul and I have enjoyed the honor of interviewing the distinguished scientists, philosophers and theologians who spoke at this year’s conference of the Society of Catholic Scientists, held at the University of Notre Dame in June.

And please visit the two “seasons” of the EncounterPoints podcast I’m privileged to produce with my friend Ken Hallenius. Find us at encounterpoints.com . We talk about aspects of evangelization that hopefully will help others and society at large, but certainly can help us as individuals who appreciate the connections between faith and everyday life.

I’ve been a writer all my life, but I love the newfound excitement of podcast and radio experiences interviewing others–and being interviewed myself in connection with this blog and my related book When Headlines Hurt: Do We Have a Prayer? . You can listen to my broadcast appearances by scrolling down to the links on my OnWord page titled “Let’s Talk About Communicating Better.”

Thanks again to the Catholic Writers Guild for awarding me its respected Seal of Approval for When Headlines Hurt earlier this year. Please join me in affirming that the CWG does not have rocks in its head: Register for their online conference and discover the resources and insights they offer.


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