Oh My Podcast! We’re E-vangelizing!



Today brings the debut of a podcast whose development has been a highlight of my communications career. Please check out the first episode in the initial nine-part series, titled “Got Joy?” Before you do that, let me thank my podcasting partner par excellence, Ken Hallenius. He’s an experienced, perspicacious and joyful co-host, and he also created the logo you see above.

The podcast is called EncounterPoints, and my point here is to recommend that you consider developing a podcast yourself, especially if it brings about encounters with good folks like Ken who see communications as a kind of vocation, a chance to apply one’s talents to do good in the world. Or at least consider browsing around the world of podcasts for topics and ideas that can make a positive difference in your own world.

You’ll hear Ken and me sharing a mix of scholarly and sprightly banter about topics related to the idea of evangelization–helping to spread good news based in faith and reason that we hope will contribute to the common good in American society. If you listen to several of the weekly episodes that will be appearing at EncounterPoints.com,

I hope you’ll conclude that we’re casting–or podcasting–a wide net that ponders various aspects of constructive communication and everyday conversation while avoiding any trace of proselytizing. We’re just expressing some of the values that made us who we are — while also unleashing the similar senses of humor that made us think, “We’ve gotta give this a try.” Your comments are welcome!


About Bill Schmitt

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