Proud Daddy, Keep on Browsin’

mary and cardinal 2017

Come Holy Spirit! One of your fruits is joy, and it was joyful to see Mary Schmitt among the CUA students bringing up the Gifts to Cardinal Wuerl at the Mass of the Holy Spirit on August 31. Thank you, Lord, and please bless Mary and all her classmates during the new school year. (And thanks to Catholic TV–and EWTN–for broadcasting this Mass, with live streaming online. Who says there’s nothing good on TV?)

Now a junior at The Catholic University of America, my amazing daughter Mary has been part of the orientation team welcoming new freshmen for the second straight year. Thanks to my dad status, I can go online and get a sneak peak at some of the videos being shown to the newcomers. That’s especially fun when my daughter is in those videos, and I’d like to share that fun with you.

In the first video, you’ll see Mary three times–truly honest and reflective, truly happy and engaged in community. She’s the commentator making me feel guilty that the next “care package” needs to include more goodies. I’ll take the hint! May all college students everywhere experience the gift of true friendship and true hospitality made easier by a shared sense of faith, hope, and love!

Can I share my own joy one more time? Go to my Facebook page and watch the brief, new video from the CUA Alumni Association, posted on Aug. 27. (By the way, in the spirit of true friendship, please become my Facebook friend if you haven’t yet. And maybe follow me on Twitter?) If you can find the two quick scenes in which Mary Schmitt appears, email me at If you have spotted her, I will send you a little prize.

Here’s to a great year of learning and wonder, challenge and joy, for all college students!

(This post was updated on August 31.)

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