Media Outreach Results

Through print, broadcast, digital-media, and social-media content, Bill Schmitt has sought to give voice to the high aspirations and distinctive accomplishments of Notre Dame people and programs since joining the University’s communications staff in 2003. My various titles and assignments have included spreading the word about Catholic K-12 education nationwide through the important role played by the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) and the Institute for Educational Initiatives. I led the design and launch of content for the Institute’s website in 2010 and provided updated news and overall content management for the site for six years. I led outreach efforts to raise awareness of Institute fellows’ multidisciplinary scholarship advancing education. I am, by dint of my people-person instincts and long experience in journalism, a natural, enthusiastic source of stories about diverse subjects impacting diverse audiences.

Having held management, client-service, writer-editor, and website-planning positions since joining the Notre Dame communications staff in 2003, I have integrated the brand journalism, idiom, and values of the University and its units. This initiative has utilized verbal content and imaginative oversight of multimedia materials, combined with excellent photography and design plus increasing amounts of audio and video.

The result of my reporting and writing is seen in a large number of University news releases and feature stories, including content generated for the ACE news stream in 2010-2016. My full-time work for Notre Dame ended in May 2017, and I continue to assist particular projects on a free-lance basis.

Find links to my work in this resume describing my work in secular and Catholic communications and this resume emphasizing my engagement with Catholic institutions and initiatives. Also see the biographical pages in the “About Bill Schmitt” section of this website.

Here’s one way to sum up Bill Schmitt’s career accomplishments:

Seasoned communications/marketing counsel for top-ranked university.

Content specialist in academia; writer/editor, strategist in brand journalism. Skilled in implementing strategies through a variety of tactics based on years of journalism experience; successful in pitching of stories to an array of print and broadcast media.

Experienced, trustworthy content generator/manager in multiple media–including audio and video, blogs and social media, traditional print media, and two books from a major publisher.. 

Collaborator embracing values in-person, in print, web/social, and podcasts.


  • Nationally distributed news/story-telling affecting decision-makers, many audiences.
  • Insightful contributions to strategies and tactics guided diverse products, projects.
  • Multimedia approaches and instincts to build connections, clarify paths of synergy.

12+ years in higher-ed PR and 20+ years in business/science/general journalism. A valued source of “old school” and “new school” energy in teams generating real interactions.


  • Gathering and assessing online analytics, using multiple tools to optimize outreach.
  • Bold concepts, fresh content, and continuous improvement for website content.
  • Servant-leader approach to many team projects, managing people and resources.

Senior editorial posts in newsrooms plus ND communications manager posts. Recent projects have included overviews of organizations and publicity for a national bus tour.


  • Brainstorms on visual and other aspects of content to spark stakeholders’ interests.
  • Varied skills, from tweets to scripts to books—smart, audience-centric repurposing.

Sharing my strengths (“empathy, connectedness, achiever, developer” as defined by the Gallups Strengths-Finder model) and allowing others to shine. Worked with University of Notre Dame Press editors from concept to completion on two books, with another book in development.


  • Brand Journalism using “old-school” competencies with “new-school” insights.
  • Content marketing generating fresh but consistent messages across many platforms.

Key roles in strategic planning and tapped best practices to build relationships. My story telling, content marketing, and outreach has raised awareness among local and national media, Catholic and secular.


  • Always in learning mode to deepen relationships with people, God, and the Church.
  • Organizations have asked me to help express core principles/spirituality in stories.

My commitments and memberships in groups geared to civil society and faithful community reflect a mission-driven and principled life.